Is your MOT due? No? come and see us and have it done anyway…

Okay so you’re probably wondering why we’re asking you to have your MOT done way before its due?

There is a simple answer and a more in depth and complicated one, the simple answer? - Covid!

I know, I know, we are all sick of hearing about it by now but hopefully it’ll all be over soon, and we can get back to hugging our loved ones and spending summer on the beach! But let’s get back to why we’re here.

Covid has disrupted a lot of things over the last year or so, MOT’s included. The government issued a 6 month extension on all car MOT’s between 30th March 2020 and 31st July 2020 which wasn’t a terrible idea, in the sense that it stopped people moving around and slowed the spread of the virus – in that respect, it was great!

However… there were 9 million (yes million) cars that were affected by said extension.


As you can imagine, when the extension was brought to an end, all those cars then needed an MOT, as well as all the cars whose MOT expired in that time, meaning that in the 6 months following we had twice as many MOT’s to do.

This, is where the problem started!

If you cast your mind back to a better time, when we were free to pop round to a friends for coffee, spend the night away from home, hug a stranger or go to the pub and have a beer without needing to eat a scotch egg… ahh good times! Anyway, whilst you might have been out doing any one of those things without consequence, a vaccine or a lateral flow test in sight, we were taking bookings for MOT’s mere days in advance – in fact sometimes you could call us and we might even be able to fit them in the same day.

Last year however, after 1st August we started to book up weeks in advance, sometimes up to 4 weeks which is obviously no good for you, our fantastic customers.

We had to let a lot of you down and for that we can only apologise, some of your MOT’s had run out and unbeknownst to you, we were fully booked for the next 3-4 weeks and couldn’t get it in anywhere near as quickly as we had in previous years.

This also had a knock-on effect on the workshop, where we had an influx of MOT failures, we couldn’t fix them anywhere near fast enough to get them back to you in a reasonable time. So basically, it was just one massive 6-month long inconvenience for everybody.

But we’ve put our heads together and come up with what will hopefully bring back some much-needed normality.

Did you know you can have an MOT done at any time? Literally, any time, there’s nothing stopping you having one done every day of the year if you wanted to, but, let’s be honest, who has the time?

We can however take advantage of this and get it done early, a lot earlier actually.

If you’ve had your MOT done, you don’t need to worry, just sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming hugs and rest assured you’re MOT’d and sorted and your normality has already begun!


If, however your MOT is due between now and December 31st, oh boy, have we got a deal for you!

Get in touch with us and quote “beat the rush” and we’ll MOT your car for a reduced price of £27.95 which is a generous 25% off!

Not only do you benefit from a reduced cost, we’ll most likely be able to fit you in the very same day and if there are any issues with it, we should be able to get those sorted for you relatively hassle free too!

Hopefully this will help re gain some sort of normality back to our MOT bookings, and won’t have such a headache in the later part of the year and we won’t have to disappoint anyone. Then we can all go back to worrying about the important things, like where to go on holiday, which stranger to hug or going to the pub without having to call ahead!

Our offer ends on the 1st August so get in touch today to book and make sure you quote “Beat the rush” when dropping your car off or when you book over the phone to take advantage of our deal!

P.S - Hugging strangers may be welcomed by some but not others, and may result in all sorts of trouble. In fact probably just stick to hugging people you know!

To book an MOT online click here

Relax whilst we work on your car

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(Waiting area is currently closed due to Covid-19. Please see our Visitors page for safety guidance.)

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