Signs Your Car Air Conditioning Isn’t Working Properly

Cars have become increasingly complicated over the years and it’s often difficult to understand whether something is actually working properly or not. One problem we often see at Queens Park Garage in Bournemouth are issues surrounding air conditioning.

If it’s a hot summer’s day, the first thing you normally reach for in your car is the air conditioning. It helps keep the temperature at a pleasant level and is important especially if you have children or pets in the car. When it goes wrong, it can make driving uncomfortable.

Strange Smells in the Car

One of the first signs that your air con may not be at its best is if you find the car filled with lingering smells. For example:

  • If you smell damp it could be due to a build-up of mould in the air con system, something that is quite common in older systems.
  • When pipes and conduits get blocked up with dirt and debris it can actually create some quite pungent aromas that make driving unpleasant.
  • A chemical or exhaust smell can be down to a leak in your air con system which means it’s not clearing the air properly. A coolant leakage can be more severe than simple mould and usually manifests as a gas smell in the car. It’s something that needs to be attended to immediately.

One thing you should be doing regularly is giving your air con a decent clean. When you have your car serviced, it is also a good idea to have an antibacterial clean done.

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Checking the Air Con Refrigerant

One of the key components of a car air conditioning system is the refrigerant. This works to keep you cool while it’s baking hot outside. A break in the piping that holds the refrigerant can mean the liquid turns to gas and escapes. The first you’ll probably know about this is if your air con is blowing warm rather than cool but there might also be a smell coming from the vent.

If you want it fixed, you’ll need to pay a visit to your nearest garage so the refrigerant can be replaced and the crack mended. At Queens Park Garage, we can book you in to have this done quickly and efficiently, getting you back on the road in no time at all.

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Other Air Conditioning Problems

It’s not just down to the refrigerant and blocked conduits when it comes to air conditioning. If you are unable to turn your air con off or on, there may be issues with a faulty circuit or cable which needs to be repaired or replaced. The problem is more important to rectify if your air con isn’t turning off simply because this can cause quite a drain on your battery, especially in older cars.

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Queens Park Garage are one of the leading independent garages in Dorset and Hampshire. If you find that your air conditioning is not operating to full capacity, especially during the summer months, book a visit with our qualified and professional mechanics.

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