The Benefits of Headlight Refurbishment

When it comes to car maintenance, most of us immediately think of areas like the engine, suspension and tyres. We’re more likely to spot a grumbling noise under the bonnet or some loose steering than we are to notice how well lit the road is ahead of us.

Rarely do we think about our headlights unless a bulb goes and we have to replace it. This is a pretty vital part of the working of your car and may actually affect visibility when you are driving at night if there is damage, the headlights are dirty or if your headlight covers are cloudy and in need of refurbishment.

You should always spend some time on a regular basis, having a quick walk around your car to ensure your lights are clear of dirt or not damaged in any way, especially before you are about to partake on a long journey. Checking these is important for maintaining safety on the road and could help you avoid receiving a warning or a hefty fine from the police if your lights are not working correctly.

Headlights are more likely to suffer from wear and tear and damage than many other parts of your car. They’re facing the elements after all and are subject to everything from mud and rain, the effects of the sun in hot weather and scratches from debris flying up from the wheels of the car in front.

Over time, the glass gets scratched and the light coming from your high beams gradually lessens. That means you don’t throw out as much light and this will certainly have a big impact when you are driving at night or in difficult conditions. Not only does it affect your driving safety but it can hamper people being able to see you properly.

Headlight refurbishment - before

If you have polycarbonate instead of the traditional glass used on much older vehicles this can yellow and degrade over time, reducing visibility.

Undertaking a headlight refurbishment is a good idea if you have a fairly old car and you think visibility is becoming an issue. It’s relatively simple to undertake and can give your car a whole new lease of life.

The benefits of a headlight refurbishment include:

  • You keep the original headlights but just have them refurbished which is usually cheaper than replacing everything.
  • A refurbishment is used to remove unsightly scratches and restore dull or cloudy lenses.
  • It helps maintain the function and performance or your headlights.
  • On the road, you’ll notice increased visibility and increased safety in poor or night driving conditions.
  • It will enhance the appearance of your car and will last a long time.
Headlight refurbishment - after

Why Choose Queens Park Garage in Bournemouth?

We handle headlight refurbishments for cars from all around the Hampshire and Dorset area. Our experienced teams have worked on a wide range of vehicles over the years, helping to bring their headlights back up to spec.

With our fully equipped garage, we’ll quickly be able to restore your headlights back to their original sparkle, making your car much safer on the road in the process.

If you are searching for a garage that can handle all your car maintenance needs, contact the friendly team at Queens Park Garage today.

Relax whilst we work on your car

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