Got an Older Model Car? Why Preventative Maintenance is Key

Not everyone can afford a brand new BMW or the latest SUV off the production line. Most of us, in fact, own older cars, models that are at least four or five years old.

The older your car gets the more key a little preventative maintenance becomes. A few simple tips can not only improve the durability of your car, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long term with potential repairs.

Here’s our quick guide:

Find a Reliable Garage

It goes without saying that a good mechanic is worth his or her weight in gold. It’s important to have someone you can rely on as your car begins to age so that you can get their support and advice to repair any problems when needed. They’ll also be able to advise you on the best maintenance to help keep your costs down

Oil and Air Filters

The one part you will have to look after is the engine. Regular changes of oil and air filters are standard for maintaining efficiency. Oil and filters can make a big difference to your car engine and how well it runs.

Use Your Air Conditioning

It might sound strange, but lack of use can actually lead to problems with your air conditioning, especially in older models. Switching it on as you are driving along not only improves air quality but keeps everything running smoothly for longer.

Keep Fluids Topped Up

Whether it’s your oil, the window wash or your coolant, keeping these fluids topped up is important. Checking oil is not a difficult task and takes just a few minutes to do. All you need to do is remove the dipstick and make sure the level is between the minimum and maximum marker at the tip. If it’s low, just add a little more oil.

Check Your Tyres

Worn tyres can cause accidents and loosen your grip on the road, especially in wet conditions. Make sure you check them regularly. That includes the pressure of each tyre. You can either use your local petrol station to pump them up or buy a cheap pump to put in your boot.

When you check your tyres, take a little time to have a quick look over the bodywork to see if there are any minor dents, scratches or rust that needs to be repaired. 

Don’t Miss a Service

If there’s nothing wrong with your car, it can be tempting to miss that all-important service. The trouble is that you may not notice a problem but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one brewing. Regular servicing, usually when you have your MOT, with a qualified mechanic is important for older cars, so don’t miss it out.

Drive Sensibly

This might sound obvious but the way you drive your car can also put pressure on the engine and other important parts like the steering and suspension. The more aggressive you are with your pedals, for example, the more likely you are to burn up fuel and cause issues with your car over time. Try to drive smoothly if you can.

If you live and drive in Bournemouth and are looking for a reliable garage that can handle all your servicing and MOT needs, contact the team at Queens Park Garage today to book an appointment.

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