How to Save Money on Your Car in 2020: Tips From Our Queens Park Garage Team

We are now in a new year and a new decade! So we thought we’d look at some great ways to save money if you own a car in 2020. Here are our Bournemouth team’s top tips:

Insurance Shopping

It’s something that we don’t do enough of as consumers. Shopping around and switching providers can actually deliver great cost savings. You may have been with the same car insurance company for years but it’s worth doing a little comparison when your policy comes up for renewal.

There are other ways to reduce your costs such as opting for a larger excess, improving your car’s security and driving fewer miles. Check out this guide from the RAC.

Pay Bills Annually

Another thing you might like to consider is paying all your motor-related bills in one go rather than by direct debit or instalments. This is usually cheaper as many insurance companies add an interest charge if you don’t pay all at once. For car insurance, this can be as much as a whole month’s premium.

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Drive Better, Save on Fuel

The way you drive can actually save you money. Poor driving uses more fuel. For example, if you are accelerating too quickly from a start, driving erratically or not changing gear efficiently, it can all add up to less miles per gallon.

Not only that, inefficient driving often means that your car requires more maintenance over time which is going to cost you money. If you think you’ve got into bad habits with your driving over the years, having a refresher course with an instructor can help.

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Check Your Tyres

Tyres can also be an issue when it comes to fuel consumption. If they are not properly inflated, your car has to work harder and uses more gas. Similarly worn tyres are also an issue. Checking your tyre pressure every so often as well as the tread makes sure you are roadworthy and saving money at the same time.

Car Share

Another way to cut down the cost of running a car is to share regular journeys with neighbours. Two people in one car costs less than one person in two cars. It’s as simple as that. If you have colleagues or people who work in the same area and live near you, a little sharing can make a huge, huge difference.

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Find the Right Garage

Finally, having access to a really good garage is also important if something goes wrong with your car. Ideally, you want someone that you can trust but which offers competitive pricing and can handle all your needs.

If you live or work in Bournemouth, Queens Park Garage are equipped to handle all models and makes of car. With the latest diagnostic software, all the right tools and highly experienced staff, we have all you need to keep your car on the road at a cost you can afford.

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