What is Tested During an MOT? Our Queens Park Garage Team Explain

Any car that is more than three years old has to undergo an MOT to make sure it is still roadworthy. This is a yearly test where your local garage will examine your vehicle in considerable detail. If there are problems, they will normally advise repairs to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Here we take a closer look at what this involves and how you can prep your car for the big MOT day.

What is Tested?

There are around 25,000 authorised testing centres around the UK. Even if you have a sole trader mechanic dealing with your MOT and service, they will take the car to a nearby centre for an independent testing.

Lights, Electrics and Reflectors

These are checked to make sure that they are all in working order, are not obscured in any way, show the correct colour, and light with a single use of the operating switch.

If you have a missing light, you can be stopped by the police and fined on the spot so it pays to check these are working by walking around your car every so often even if you don’t have an MOT booked. Changing a light is not as difficult as many people think and it’s one of those DIY jobs that you can do with a minimum of technical knowledge.

The MOT will also look at your electrical wiring such as your battery and emergency horn to make sure they are working properly.

Check your lights


An important part of the MOT is to make sure your brakes are working as they should. That includes the warning lights that are activated when you brake. If you have trouble stopping when braking or there’s a squeaking sound when you hit the pedal, it usually means there is a problem. The easiest way to get these replaced is to pay a visit to your local garage.

Suspension and Steering

The person doing the MOT check will look at your steering and make sure there are no signs of wear and tear. They’ll also examine your suspension for cracks or rusting.

Checking the brakes


There are a number of things the MOT looks at including the depth of tread and the amount of air in the tyres. This is another thing you can quite easily check before you have the test. A simple 20 pence piece will help make sure the tread is deep enough and a quick trip to the local petrol station gives you the chance to check your tyres have the right pressure.

Other Tests

The MOT will also make sure that things like seatbelts and restraints are in good condition. It will look at the general state of the car body and whether there is any rust or damage that makes it unsafe to drive.

The other important test is to look at your exhaust and to check that emissions are within current legal limits. Finally, areas such as wing mirrors and windows will be checked to see if they are in good condition.

checking tyres

The MOT is an essential part of owning a car and driving it on the road. It’s important that you use an authorised garage to carry out the test and put any problems right for you. At Queens Park Garage, we have decades of experience running MOT tests and helping our customers stay on the road.

If you want to book in for an MOT, contact our team in Bournemouth today.

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