Drivers Are Delaying Vehicle Maintenance in 2020 – Don’t Take The Risk

Nearly half of all UK drivers could be risking their lives by not getting their cars maintained properly during 2020. A recent poll found that 48% of people asked, said they have not spent as much time this year looking after their vehicles, according to the RAC.

2,000 drivers aged between 18 and 65 were asked about their car maintenance in 2020, with 68% admitting that they have issues with their tyres and a third of the total number admitting that they can see an engine warning light or were driving it knowing that their vehicle is experiencing mechanical issues.

The delays to seeking car repairs are thought to have been caused by two factors; Many people have been in lock down throughout the year or have simply been unable to travel as much as they normally do; A quarter of people asked, admitted they knew their tyres needed changing but they have not done so due to the cost – most likely due to many people suffering financial issues due to the pandemic. 40% of drivers blamed the fact they have maintained their vehicles less on simply not using their cars as much.

Should I get my car maintained even if I am not using it?

The reality is that you will need to use your vehicle at some point, even if it has been sat on the driveway for most of the year.

So, not maintaining your car could cause huge safety risks to you and your passengers. There are also implications of your car developing issues if it is unused, such as wear and tear of parts (yes, even if it is not being used) and flat batteries.

Cars were made to be driven and even if you have been using them less, they still require the same level of servicing and safety checks to ensure that incidents of damage, break downs and incidents are prevented.

What can I do to keep my car maintained if I am using it less?

There are some simple checks you can do regularly at home to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. These include:

Checking your tyres – tread depth, inflation levels and checking for damage
Checking your oil levels
Checking your anti-freeze/coolant levels – especially important as we move into the Winter months
Keeping the car clean – headlights, windows, mirrors, number plate, wheel arches and wheels should always be free from dirt to prevent problems or accidents due to a build up of dirt which could cause issues with visibility and also wear of parts – plus it is a legal requirement that your reg plate is always visible
Checking your lights – ask someone to help you check that all the light bulbs in the car are working correctly, for safety and to avoid hefty fines
Checking the brakes – wear and tear can increase during the Winter months and salt on the roads can cause your brakes to corrode – it is essential that your brakes are working properly in Winter to avoid accidents on icy roads
Start your car regularly and take for a short drive of 20 mins to ensure that your battery maintains a charge.

The MOT delays in 2020 have also caused many people to not bother with their usual car maintenance. However, an MOT alone will often not determine issues with your vehicle, and it is always recommended that at least an annual service is required to address other possible underlying issues that may not be obvious. This can be the difference between keeping you safe on the roads and causing a serious accident.

Speak to the Professionals

At Queens Park Garage, all customers are offered a FREE 10-point check to help identify any potential issues with your vehicle. We also offer a FREE wheel alignment check when you book in for a service.

Wheel alignment can be easily bent out of shape due to increased numbers of pot-holes on the roads in Winter and due to the fact that your tyres can rotate around 700 times per minute when you drive at 60mph.

Your wheels should be checked regularly by a professional to prevent further damage, prevent accidents and improve fuel economy. QPG have the best equipment in the industry for wheel alignment and wheel balancing, using the Hunter Hawkeye Elite laser system and the Hunter Engineering Road Force Elite.

You should be having a regular annual or twice per year service (one prior to Summer and one prior to Winter) so be sure to book yours in advance in order to plan financially, and also to put your mind at rest for the year. It is common for many drivers to book their car in for a service and MOT together, allowing them to get all the checks done in a single visit – perfect for those with busy lives and meaning you have all year to put the money aside for your next service.

You can book your appointment at Queens Park Garage by using our online booking request form, or you can call to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01202 216104. Once you are on our system, we also send automatic reminder texts or emails to ensure that you never miss your next MOT appointment. Stay safe, get in touch with QPG today.

Relax whilst we work on your car

You can leave your car with us or wait in our comfortable reception with free wi-fi, free refreshments as well as viewing panel and CCTV so you can watch us while we work on your car.

(Waiting area is currently closed due to Covid-19. Please see our Visitors page for safety guidance.)

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