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Queens Park Garage is believed to have the best facilities in Bournemouth.

We are one of the leading independent garages in Dorset and Hampshire. With state of the art facilities and fully qualified mechanics you can be confident your car will be handled with the utmost care.


COVID-19 Update

We remain open and fully staffed to continue to MOT, service and repair your vehicles, and of course see to any breakdowns that arrive. We want to keep you on the road for your essential journeys. #inittogether

If you have your vehicle booked in at Queens Park Garage, it is important that prior to your booking, you MUST let us know if you have experienced ANY symptoms of feeling unwell, or if you are waiting for test results or have tested positive for Covid-19 so that we can rebook. This is to maintain the safety of ALL our customers and staff, so no matter how mild your symptoms, please call us prior to dropping off your car and speak to our team to find you an appointment after your isolation period has ended.

Whilst the government gave a 6-month holiday on all MOTs after the 31st March 2020 it has now been updated and no further MOT holidays have been planned. If your vehicle is due an MOT on or after the 1st August 2020 you are required to have an MOT before using your vehicle on public roads. Book early to avoid disappointment as bookings are filling up fast. Please check our visitors page for our social distancing rules upon visiting Queens Park Garage.

The 6 month extension is still valid and still applies if your vehicle was due an MOT between these dates, For example if your MOT was due on 10th June 2020, the new renewal date is 10th December 2020 not 1st August, however it is still a legal requirement that you ensure that your car is roadworthy, and safe. The Government states that you, as a car owner are expected to keep your car in a roadworthy condition and they have issued a list of relevant checks that SHOULD be carried out by car owner’s to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy. If they are not you could face a £2,500 fine, and or lose your licence. If you are taking advantage of this extension, please check the Government website to familiarise yourself with the requirements.

seat and steering wheel covers

We use seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, gear knob and hand brake lever covers on every car whether there’s a virus or not. We also wear gloves as standard and masks when working inside your vehicle.

We are also using antibacterial wipes to wipe down the door handles, keys, and any areas of contact within your vehicle. We also run an antibacterial aerosol through your ventilation system as part of our full service, or this can be done at request for any other booking. Due to social distancing please be aware when visiting the garage that:

  • We are only permitting one customer in the reception area at any time.
  • The waiting area is now closed.
  • A distance line has been placed on the floor in order to adhere to safe distancing.
  • Please wear a mask when picking up/dropping off your vehicle.

Our Services


MOT your car

We will complete your MOT in 45 minutes or less. If we do spot any problems, or anything we think requires attention, our mechanics will explain in clear and simple terms what you need to do.

Car Servicing

Car Servicing

Most people don’t give car maintenance a lot of thought, but regular servicing saves you money by reducing fuel costs and prolongs the life of your engine.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the process of checking that your car’s wheels are set to the correct position and aligned properly to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

At 60mph your tyres will typically rotate around 700 times a minute so for your comfort and safety it is essential that your car’s wheels are in balance.

DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

As you may be aware, most diesels have what’s called a Diesel Particulate Filter fitted in the exhaust.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Many cars are fitted with air conditioning and it tends to be one of the things we take for granted or even overlook as it is not part of a standard service.

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View below some reviews from some of our very happy customers.

Steve 20/01/2021

Great service in difficult times. Had three cars in the family for MOT in the same week. Always happy to talk through any issues on the car.

Sophie 18/01/2021

First time using the garage as only in Bournemouth for university. A friendly welcome and excellent customer service throughout, the team rung to give a quote prior to doing any work and explained all that needed to be done in an understandable way. Extra precautions to keep everyone safe too! Thank you!

Katrina Webber 09/01/2021

We had our first mot done at the Queens Park Garage. What can I say, they are a 100% trust worthy garage that go above and beyond to help with any problems. Very knowledgeable. Very competitive. And friendly. Will not be going to any other garage from now on. Also they saved us alot of money from a wrong diagnosis from a very untrustworthy garage!!! Keep up the good work guys. 100% recommend 👌

Queens Park Garage Blog & News

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Why our customers think we’re the best

Family Run Business

Fully Trained & Qualified Technicians

Free Wifi & Refreshments

State of the Art Tools & Equipment

Customer Courtesy Cars Available

Out of hours key drop

On-site Parking

meet the team

Meet the Mechanics

Get to know the team of highly skilled technicians who will be looking after your vehicle.

Relax whilst we work on your car

You can leave your car with us or wait in our comfortable reception with free wi-fi, free refreshments as well as viewing panel and CCTV so you can watch us while we work on your car.

(Waiting area is currently closed due to Covid-19. Please see our Visitors page for safety guidance.)

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