Marc Haines, Director

Marc Haines, Director

Time as a mechanic: I was born at the garage!

Specialist area: MOT's and anything to do with performance cars

What the team say: Great Boss!

Story about Marc: My nan used to live in the flat above the garage so I would get the bus from school to the garage where she would make me ham sandwiches for dinner while my mum and dad were working below!

Paul Miles - Garage Manager

Paul Miles - Garage Manager

Time as a mechanic: 33 years (14 at QPG)

Specialist area: Diagnostics, Fault Finding

What the team say: Diagnostic Master

Story about Paul: On his first day in the trade, he went on a recovery job and was so excited to be there, he ran around the back of the truck and knocked himself clean out on the spec!

Hobbies: He likes fast cars and flying his drone

Matt Starie - Workshop Manager

Matt Starie - Workshop Manager

Time as a mechanic:16 years (8 at QPG)

Specialist area: Welding, problem solving

What the team say: The problem solver

Story about Matt: He once got hit by a car, according to Matt the car came off worse than he did!!

Hobbies: Fishing, Netflix, eating!

Sharon Packman  - Office Manager

Sharon Packman - Office Manager

Time at QPG 6 Years

Specialist area: Accounts/admin

What the team say: The one we could not do without.

Story about Sharon: Sharon got outrageously drunk at the first Christmas party she attended and some of the team had to carry her home!

Hobbies: Swimming and dancing

Jack Cracknell - Technician

Jack Cracknell - Technician

Time as a mechanic:13 years (7 at QPG)

Specialist area: Servicing & timing belts

What the team say: The Practical Joker

Story about Jack: Once on a skiing trip, he went off alone exploring and was eventually found, buried up to his chest in snow – obviously his friends did the right thing - laughed and took photos.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, music festivals and upgrading his car

Pawel Krzeminski

Pawel Krzeminski

Time as a mechanic:23 years (7 at QPG)

Specialist area: Clutches; Diagnostic and problem solving

What the team say: Mr Experience

Story about Pawel: When applying for his son's passport, the lady asked his son what relation Pawel was and his son replied "my uncle"!

Hobbies: Fishing; modifying cars

Liam Lever

Liam Lever

Time as a mechanic:7 years (6 with QPG)

Specialist area: Enjoys getting involved in big technical jobs and learning something new

What the team say: The Storyteller

Story about Liam: He was the under 21 autotesting champion at the age of 18 for Bournemouth and District Car Club.

Hobbies: Guitar, mandolin and banjo, but rallying is his passion

Shaun Taylor

Shaun Taylor

Time as a mechanic:21 Years (5 at QPG)

Specialist area: Wheel alignment

Story about Shaun: He’s been doing wheel alignments for years, Carlsberg don’t do wheel alignment technicians, but if they did, Shaun would be their teacher!

Hobbies: PlayStation, urban exploring, spending time with his kids

Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor

Time as a mechanic:23 Years (5 at QPG)

Specialist area: Steering & suspension

What the team say: The Comedian

Story about Carl: He once walked into a closed patio door in front of a few women on a night out

Hobbies: Car stereo installs, modifying cars and going to the skate park with his kids

Callum Norris

Callum Norris

Time as a mechanic: 8 years (4 at QPG)

Specialist area: Enjoys clutches and engine rebuilds

What the team say: The Albino

Story about Callum: He once thought it would be a good idea to rebuild the head of an engine in his parents lounge whilst they were away. They came back 2 days early and surprisingly they weren’t happy, can’t imagine why?! So it wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Hobbies: Cars

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You can leave your car with us or wait in our comfortable reception with free wi-fi, free refreshments as well as viewing panel and CCTV so you can watch us while we work on your car.

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