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Most people don’t give car maintenance a lot of thought but regular servicing saves you money by reducing fuel costs and prolongs the life of your engine.

Service Car

We will run a fully comprehensive service check before and after your service including road testing. This means we will go over your car thoroughly to identify any current problems or small details that could lead to potential problems.

  • All makes and models of car. We have all the diagnostic tools required by the manufactures.
  • We only use premium parts and oils
  • We can fit genuine manufacturer’s parts if you would prefer
  • All cars road tested before and after your service just to make sure we don’t miss anything before we start and be confident everything is running as it should when we have finished
  • We will check your wheel alignment/tracking using state of the art laser alignment and give you a print out of our findings click here for more information
  • You will receive a copy of our service report to take away
  • We always protect your car with seat covers, floor mats and a steering wheel cover
  • Free courtesy car subject to availability
  • Prices start from £55.00 + VAT (depending on your make, model and mileage)

Please talk to our technicians about the specific requirements for your make and model as every car is different and costs will vary.

Always let us know if there is something you are worried about or you would like us to double check.

Click here to see a list the procedures and checks we always run

  • Drain your engine oil, replace the oil filter and refill your engine oil in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations
  • Check all levels including brake fluid, antifreeze, screen wash, gearbox & differential oils
  • Check and replace windscreen wipers if necessary (cost of wipers is extra)
  • Remove road wheels, check, clean and adjust brakes
  • Check your exhaust system
  • Check your steering & suspension
  • Check your wheel alignment/tracking & give you a print out of our findings
  • Check and clean your air & pollen filters (if replacements are required this will be extra)
  • Check diesel filter/petrol filter (if a replacement is required this will be extra)
  • Replace plugs if necessary (new plugs are an extra)
  • Check your tyres and tyre pressures including the spare
  • Check your lights
  • Grease where necessary
  • Reset your service light
  • Stamp your service book.

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