Interview with Shaun at Queens Park Garage – Wheel Alignment Specialist

Shaun moved to Queens Park Garage in 2019, from Christchurch Tyres where he had worked for a number of years. He specialises in Wheel Alignment, something that Queens Park Garage are passionate about and have invested in heavily by purchasing the best equipment in the industry.

We asked Shaun a few questions about his role at Queens Park Garage and his expert tips on wheel alignment and why it is important.

1. How long have you worked in the car industry?

I’ve been a mechanic for 17 years and have worked in the trade for the same length of time.

2. Your specialism is wheel alignment. Why did you choose this?

Wheel alignment is an area that has always interested me because I’ve always felt that a car should handle as, or better than what the manufacturer supplies. It also gives me a massive variety of work as every car is different.

3. What is wheel alignment and how does it work?

To improve handling, safety and comfort in your car, plus increasing fuel efficiency and making your tyres last longer or reducing wear on them, you should get the wheel alignment (also sometimes known as ‘tracking’) checked regularly to make sure your wheels are in the correct position according to the manufacturer’s specification.

Wheel Alignment Specialist Shaun

4. Can drivers save money by getting their wheel alignment checked?

Absolutely! Not only can it help you get the most out of your fuel, but it can also prevent further costly fixes by checking the other parts that we inspect during the process. Checking the alignment can also reduce the wear on your tyres, so you won’t have to get them changed as often.

5. What equipment do you use for wheel alignment at Queens Park Garage?

We carry out our checks using our HUNTER HawkEye Elite™ laser wheel alignment system to assess the full geometry of your vehicle. We can also inspect the suspension system to highlight any worn or damaged parts before they cause a more costly problem.

6. What do you love about working at Queens Park Garage?

Teamwork is key within the motor trade and it’s something that lays in the heart of QPG. The workshop is well equipped with the latest tools and technology for all to use.

7. Do you have any nightmare car repair stories to share with us?

Not yet! But we have seen some interesting jobs come into QPG, you can follow the Facebook page to see some ‘under the car’ photos of things drivers have brought to us, just in time to fix before it could have caused an accident!

8. Do you have any wheel alignment advice for drivers?

If you ever are experiencing tyre wear or handling issues it is always worth checking the wheel alignment. If you are unsure about the benefit’s, I will always give face to face explanation on how it can help you and your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Bournemouth

To speak to Shaun about your vehicle or to book it in for a check-up, call Queens Park Garage on 01202 216104 and take advantage of our specialist equipment and knowledge. You can also contact Queens Park Garage online.

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