Fuel Restrictions: How Will This Affect Us in the Future?

The Government announced recently that it was bringing forward it’s ban on petrol and diesel cars to 2035. While this may seem a little way off at the moment, we’ve had a few customers at Queens Park Garage asking about the implications.

What is the Fuel Ban?

The UK is committed to becoming zero carbon by 2050. We all know this is important for saving the planet and most of us have bought into the concept and are doing our bit. The original date for the banning of petrol and diesel cars was 2040 but this came down to 2035 to make sure we can reach the target that has been set.

The new rules are also now going to be rolled out to hybrid cars – those that use a mix of petrol and electric. In the future, you will only be able to buy new fully electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles.

What Fuel Restrictions Mean for the Average Motorist

If you drive a petrol or diesel car and you still own it in 2035 it’s not a problem and you will be able to buy a second hand one. The difference will be that all newly manufactured cars will be either electric or hydrogen-powered.

The good news if you are thinking of swapping to a more eco-friendly car in the future, is that manufacturers are almost entirely focused on production and there have been enormous advances over the last ten years. The infrastructure in the UK is also changing quickly with more and more charging points appearing although we still have a long way to go.

Most motorists we have talked to see this change as a positive thing. The environmental benefits (not least having much cleaner air in our busy cities) are huge. An average car with 1 driver produces 171g of CO2 emissions for every kilometre travelled. You can immediately see what difference changing to electric vehicles is going to have, to help save our planet.

It will be sad to see the manufacturing of traditional performance cars disappear over time, but if it worked for Formula One (swapping to more eco-friendly cars and fuel) then there is hope that car manufacturers will still be able to provide the performance cars of the future for us to have fun in – in fact some already exist.

Petrol pump

What to Look For When Buying an Electric Vehicle

We’re seeing more and more electric vehicles at Queens Park Garage and we have all the facilities, software and skills to handle any kind of repair and service. If you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle, here are some helpful tips from our team:

  • The biggest issue is charging. You want to find an EV that travels a decent distance on a long charge while the national infrastructure begins to grow.
  • Choice of car depends on your driving habits – if you mostly do short distances and have plenty of local charging points you will have more flexibility than if you regularly undertake long journeys.
  • Maintenance is also an issue. EVs are complicated pieces of machinery and making sure you have a garage nearby that can service your needs is important.
  • Do you need to invest in charging facilities at home? It all depends on where you live. This can be difficult if you own a flat with an allocated space or if you tend to park your vehicle curb-side. If you have a driveway, however, it’s well worth the extra investment.
  • While they are probably not doing everything they can, new cars do come with a £3,000 government grant. This consideration is usually reflected in the price by the dealer so you don’t have to do anything but it is always worth asking. There are also grants for installing charger points.
Electric car charging

When you do buy an electric vehicle, it’s important to find a garage that can handle all your needs. At Queens Park Garage, we fully resourced to provide repairs and servicing for a range of electric and hybrid vehicles.


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