Here at Queens Park Garage, we try to help as many people as we can in our community and we often have busy days full of back to back appointments. Sometimes when we confirm appointment booking requests, we have to account for the time it will take to get a vehicle set up at the start of the allotted time for the MOT or Service, and this includes a multitude of tasks:

On the 29th June, the Department for Motor Transport announced that the 6-month MOT extension due to coronavirus (Covid-19) will come to an end on 1st August.

You're probably already aware of the government's scheme of extending MOT expiry dates by six months to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), but there has been word lately that this extension may be scrapped altogether.

Even though this extension is currently still in place and many have taken advantage of the extension time, it is still very important to ensure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition – for your safety and because even though you may not need the paperwork just yet, you are still obliged to make sure your vehicle is deemed safe to drive.

During the lock down period of 2020, many of us have been taking part in online quizzes with our friends, family and colleagues as a way to keep in touch – where we would normally, most likely, be going to the pub!

This inspired us to put together our very own list of trivia, highlighting some fascinating driving facts that will blow your mind and may be useful if you too, have been tasked with compiling the next family quiz night…

We find ourselves in weird times. We have seen some industries come to a standstill whilst others work hard to keep our communities going. Many of us are having to live differently and abide by the strict restrictions put in place to help preserve lives during the Covid-19 crisis.

This means that we are only to travel for essential journeys, such as travelling to work if you are a key worker or to collect groceries as little as possible. For some who are in complete isolation, it may mean not being able to leave the house at all! So your once frequently used car or van is now sat on the driveway or parked outside your home, hardly being used and this can cause a few potential issues depending on the type of vehicle you have.

We wanted to offer some helpful advice on staying safe and how to ensure that your car keeps running well despite being seldom used, to avoid costly bills getting things fixed when the lockdown due to coronavirus eventually comes to an end.

You may not think that a garage should be focused on cleanliness. You might be used to seeing mechanics in greasy overalls and with dirty hands walking around, floors that haven’t been swept in a while and every bit of equipment you can think of lying across the place or covered in oil.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has taught us that maintaining clean surfaces is important, even in a place like Queens Park Garage. Even without this global threat, however, it’s essential to choose a garage that takes its hygiene responsibilities seriously.

The Government announced recently that it was bringing forward it’s ban on petrol and diesel cars to 2035. While this may seem a little way off at the moment, we’ve had a few customers at Queens Park Garage asking about the implications.

Relax whilst we work on your car

You can leave your car with us or wait in our comfortable reception with free wi-fi, free refreshments as well as viewing panel and CCTV so you can watch us while we work on your car.

Please see our Visitors page for safety guidance.

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